The Fitzrovia Radio Hour

 Vintage Radio Theatre

A triumph of visual comedy" **** Time Out

"Absolutely spiffing. A joy!' **** Daily Telegraph

The Fitzrovia Radio Hour recreates the unique spirit of 1940s radio plays and evokes a dinner-jacketed age of casual imperialism and stiff upper lips. Performed by a spiffing cast with cut-glass theatricality, blending homage and satire, Fitzrovia mixes the antiquated attitudes of 1940s Britain with sharp contemporary humour to produce a heady comic cocktail complete with live sound effects. 

Rippingly good fun! Dig out your Sunday best vintage outfit and get into the days retro mood.

As recommended by Time Out, The Guardian, The Independent, The Daily Telegraph, The Review Show, BBC Radio London, and featured on BBC Radio 4's Today programme!

With Great British stories such as 'Mudmen From The Thames' and 'Undead Queen of Evil', The Fitzrovia Radio Hour adds a dash of  imperial humour to your event.

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The Fitzrovia Radio Hour The olive in your Martini!

Some Useful Video Links

BBC2 The Review Show


Trafalgar Studios West End Trailer


Edinburgh Festival 2011 Trailer


Backstage Secrets Interview


The Fitzrovia Radio Hour Website


The Shows


20 minute show

3 actors perform one of our stories with adverts

1500 plus VAT (plus travel and accommodation, if applicable)




frh560 minute show

5 actors perform our full length show divided into 3 twenty minute sections. 3 or 4 stories with adverts and trailers.

2250 plus VAT (plus travel and accommodation, if applicable)




frhbesBespoke Shows

Elements of our stories, adverts and trailers rewritten to reference your event. Please contact us to talk through ideas

20 mins (3 actors) - 2000 plus VAT (plus travel and accommodation, if applicable)

60 mins (5 actors) - 3000 plus VAT (plus travel and accommodation, if applicable)


Minimum Technical Requirements

We can always bring our own vintage style microphones, XLR cabling and power extensions. We need at least three power sockets to plug in to, though we can use more if you have them spare!

We have our own 1000 watt PA system, sound desk and basic lighting that we can carry with us if you do not have your own. We'll bring as much equipment as is needed at no extra cost.

However if you don't have a sound technician we'll bring our own with us at an extra cost of:

250 plus vat.

For venues equipped with lighting rigs, both versions of the show can be performed with a simple cool lighting wash fading to a simple warm wash, as long as the actors have enough light to read their scripts.

If you're providing PA kit, here's a list of kit that we'd like:


For 20 minute, three actor show

2m x 2m stage area

3 x XLR cables

1 x stereo DI box

1 x 13 amp power supply

For 60 minute, five actor show

6m wide x 4m deep stage area

5 x XLR cables

1 x stereo DI box

3 x 13 amp power supply

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